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Medals and Medallions are the ideal product for any sports centres, events and sponsorships. Medals and Medallions are great for any campaign and especially for annual sporting events. Medals and Medallions are a budget friendly way of promoting yourself that will be popular with those who receive them.

Metal medal is the best symbol of achievement, not only serves as a reminder of success, but also can be worn proudly and passed down to future generation. In order to save production time as well as the cost, we have some blank medals for your options, center part can be custom made logo with printed doming paper sticker or printed doming metal sticker.

Medals can be awarded for Event awards, corporate recognition, Achievement awards, Scholastic award, Sports awards, Commemorative keepsakes and many more efforts. If you are running out of time or you have budget for your award medals, choose our existing blank medals.

And also CinFee LTD can design, custom made medals and medallions, we work directly with you from the design of your medals  to delivery. Custom made medals and medallions can be produced by die struck; die casted; printed or photo etched, material can be varied from copper, iron, pewter to zinc alloy. We will design according to your request. CinFee LTD is committed to supplying custom made medals or medallions that will surpass your expectation at very competitive prices.

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